Dave Schubert Brings His Creepy “Black Dream” to a 866 Geary Gallery in SF

Instagram has birthed more models and photographers than any art school in the country. While some of these people actually have talent, more often than not you’re going to sift through five thousand selfies before finding a picture that’s even a little bit compelling. That’s why it’s so refreshing when a photographer like Dave Schubert wants to share some of his work with us.

Dave Schubert, a self-taught artist residing in San Francisco, CA, opened his solo exhibition “Black Dream” this weekend at 866 Geary Gallery. The name “Black Dream” sounds like a 1980’s headbanging, screw-em-in-the-face type metal band’s album title (Slayer and Pantera come to mind,) and Schubert’s vision isn’t too far off from that.

“Dave Schubert has been ducking and dodging his way through the shadows for ages, using the gruesome truths of our secret seconds as his muse,” Sammy Winston writes about the exhibit. “At home in the company of vandals and skaters and gangsters, and all forms of runaways and castaways, he moves through the gloom of the owl hours with his camera tucked away in his coat like a secret or a pistol. …. He acts as neither impassioned participant nor sheepish peeper in these scenes of horrific beauty, but rather as the curator of moments not often thought worthy of record, and of a mood that is as blue as it is true.”

“Black Dream” opens Saturday March 14, 2014, from 7-11 P.M., and is open to the public through April 4, 2015.

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