10 Reasons Everyone’s Talking About: Day Wave

Day Wave is the solo project of Oakland, CA-based Jackson Phillips, whose experience in music is lifelong: he grew up as a precociously talented drummer, and attended the prestigious Berklee College of music.

Earlier this month, his new EP, Headcase, came out, and now it seems everyone is talking about Day Wave. Here’s why.

1. He’s Appearing On Both Major and Underground Blogs

While most artists start out in the underground and work their way up, Day Wave’s first interview with Billboard went up while he was still an indie blog darling.

2. Influencers Are Listening

In his very first show for Beats 1, Apple’s new radio show (of which we are fans), the venerable Zane Lowe spun Day Wave’s “We Try.” (Which led to a Twitter shoutout from one of the dudes from Blink 182.)

3. He Masters Instruments At Will

Not only is he an accomplished drummer, for Headcase Day Wave wanted to do something with a guitar sound—”but I didn’t play guitar,” he told The FADER. “So I bought a telecaster and learned to play along the way.”

4. All This Buzz and He’s Still Independent

Headcase was self-released, no major-label help.

5. He Knows Both Coasts

He’s not a strictly-Cali boy who’s never seen the inside of a fleece-lined jacket: before moving to Oakland, Day Wave also lived in Boston and NYC.

day wave

6. He’s About To Go On Tour

Synth-pop’s newest darling will be racking up fans across the USA throughout the month of August, with dates in SF, Portland, LA and more. See them all here.

7. It’s Summer

Variously, blogs have described Day Wave using the following words: “sun-faded,” “sun drenched,” “like a glass of fresh orange juice,” “weekend vibes,” “dreamy surf pop,” which “covers your face in imaginary sunbeams and drenches you in sea salt.” Day Wave makes music for top-down season for sure.


8. He’s Real

He stays in contact with his fans via Tumblr; ask him a question and he’ll respond.

9. He’s Connected

His booking agent is The Windish Agency, who also represent the likes of A-Trak, Alt-J, BRAIDS, The Drums, Dan Croll, Dirty Projectors, The XX, Washed Out, YACHT, and many more.

10. He’s Already Famous

Oh, did we mention this is not Day Wave’s first rodeo? He’s half of the successful synth-pop duo Carousel, who have a cult following at 39k Facebook fans. Check ’em out, here.

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