Dew At Dyckman 2014: Recap Photos

If you haven't heard by now, Mtn Dew has been in full activation mode at the Dyckman 2014 Basketball Tournament all summer long. The gameplay proved to be so intense that the lights even went out. Ok, maybe that wasn't the reason for the power outage, but Skull Gang still represented for Team Dew, despite the one-point game loss.

Here's a full breakdown of one of the most memorable street ball nights of the summer:

"On Wednesday night’s unlimited match up, things heated up between both teams when the atmosphere started to dim due to the sunset. Fans held their phone lights out, as did the NYPD; to help shine some light onto the Dyckman court that way the Show Stoppers and Skull Gang were able to finish the contest.

The Show Stoppers exhibited their chemistry up and down the court, finding open lay-ups and buckets all day against a very poor Skull Gang defense. In fact, the Show Stoppers didn’t miss a shot on their first eight possessions. They possessed a 17-7 lead with 13:45 remaining in the half.

That was when Skull Gang’s offense decided to check into the game as they cut the lead to five with 8:30 left on the clock. Thanks to 11 first-half rebounds from Sidiki Johnson, Skull Gang was able to get a few more scoring chances later on in the first half. Shaq nailed a shot from beyond the arc to put them within three points before halftime.

As the half was coming to an end Skull Gang made consecutive three-pointers, one by Shaakir Lindsey and the other from fromer Seton Hall Pirate Jeff Robinson. Robinson was particularly hot early on, scoring 14 of his 19 total points in the first half.

The second half was up for grabs as it was an exciting back-and-forth battle. Both teams were literally getting personal, mocking each other on the court when it came down to putting points on the scoreboard.

Canisius University alum, Julius Coles of the Show Stoppers hit a three-pointer with a little less than 6:30 remaining to break the tie and put them on top 57-54. Antawn Dobie then answered back with a three-pointer of his own on the ensuing possession to tie the game back up at 57.

As the daylight started to fade out, both teams showed their true colors, standing behind their squads on any call they felt the officials missed. The game’s last two minutes were dragged out by a lot of arguing on the court but Rich “Lite” Ross’ stellar second half gave the Show Stoppers just enough points to edge out Skull Gang for a 65-64 victory.

Ross finished the game with 25 points, four rebounds and three steals. On the other side, Johnson led Skull Gang’s scoring with 20 points and an astonishing 16 rebounds."

Images: Jonathan Lopez

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