Dew is Teaming up with the Remix Project in Chicago to Produce the Next Generation of Musical Talent

Chicago has produced numerous majorly important DJs and rappers who aren't named Kanye, and let's not forget that the weather is really quite conducive to spending six months huddled in a studio, perfecting your craft. So let's just all accept that Chicago is one of the best music cities in the world, and maybe now it'll get even better that one of the most prestigious youth-mentorship programs in the country has just opened there.

Originally founded in Toronto in 2006, The Remix Project is a seriously award-winning program which captures "high potential, high risk" youth, and levels that playing field so they can take full advantage of their natural talents. The few dozen young people who qualify for each program are chosen from among thousands, having shown the determination it takes to go through nine months of intensive workshops, mentorships, and self-motivated projects.

Now, Mountain Dew and Green Label have partnered with the Remix Project to help turn out industry-ready media professionals from three different programs: the Academy of Recording Arts, Academy of Creative Arts, and Academy of Business Arts.

"In terms of coming to life with Dew, Mtn Dew really gets full credit for making the Academy of Recording Arts at The Remix Project possible," says Jason Eano, Program Co-ordinator. "The contribution is enabling the mentorship of 15 talented youth aspiring to careers in the music industry, and access to the facilities and guidance they need to realize their talent. Mtn Dew is responsible for breaking down the barriers to entry for marginalized and underserved youth from Chicago's priority neighborhoods to develop their careers."

That's if the success of the original Toronto Remix Project is anything to go by (for example, a teenaged Remix participant in Toronto called WondaGurl landed a beat on a Jay Z album).

Green Label will be featuring plenty of fresh releases from the Remix recording studio, and sharing learnings from Remix workshops with industry gawds like Alix Kram VP at Warner Music, and Corey Gilkey from LDRS1354. We've also got a crew of Remix Academy of Creative Arts students who will be shooting photojournalism stories all across Chicago for Green Label. We're excited to be partnering with a place that's all about DIY and expressing yourself by writing your own story.

The Remix Project is open to youth who can spend at least 10 hours a week at the Lacuna Lofts space in the Chicago Pilsen neighborhood. The program is already in full swing for 2015, but if you're interested check out the official application form here and keep an eye on their website.

Pictured: 1) Academy of the Recording Arts rapper Breaddoe, 2-6) the Lacuna Lofts artist spaces where Remix Project Chicago is located.
Image: VntgVisions, Remix Academy of Creative Arts, 2015.

7) Academy of Creative Arts participants Miguel Deberry, Amanda Huerta, Isabelle Andrade, DEW Ambassador Jimmy Butler, and Ture' Morrow.

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