Dew Tour Ocean City 2014: Bob Burnquist Talks Fan Interaction And Similarities Between Ocean City And Rio

One of the first pros we ran into during the Dew Tour practice sessions in Ocean City was none other than Bob Burnquist. While enjoying the weather on a perfect day to skate, we pulled the skate legend aside for a brief chat on soccer, summer plans, and why Rio and Ocean City are more similar than you may think.

What are some reasons why you made Dew Tour one of your priorities this year?
I think it’s cool to come meet the fans. We have the autograph sessions at the Toyota booth, and I get to meet everyone face to face. Practice is my favorite time because I’m able to skate around with my friends. You tend to skate better when it’s not contest time. It’s fun nonetheless. I got my girls here with me and we’re just enjoying it.

What’s the best thing about Ocean City so far?
The weather is really nice right now, so the sun isn’t blaring too hard. I’m digging the breeze on the Vert ramp. Being that this is a beach town, it’s also got that similar vibe to Rio. Other than that, it’s a pretty wild town with all the young energy here. It’s always pretty funny coming here and checking out the people.

We see you brought the ball from the video
Yeah! I brought the ball [Laughs]. I got to have a soccer ball around with soccer being at such a height right now. I wouldn’t feel Brazilian without a soccer ball around, and wouldn’t feel like a skateboarder without a board around. I got my Bowl board, Vert board, and my soccer ball with me.

What are some of your plans for the summer after Dew Tour?
I’ve got a bunch of projects that I’m filming. The soccer edit I did was fun. I’ll probably just be at home filming. I’ll probably go down to Rio to enjoy myself a little bit. Between competition seasons, I really just like hanging out at home and learning new tricks.

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