Dew Tour Ocean City 2014: Bucky Lasek Talks Racecars, Hasselhoff, and Ocean City Attractions

The Dew Tour Ocean City kickoff proved to be a great start for the remaining dates scheduled in 2014. In between practice sessions and autographs for fans, we caught up with professional skateboarder (and Subaru Rally Team USA member) Bucky Lasek for a rundown of must-visit attractions in Ocean City, how he got starting racing cars, and getting approval from David Hasselhoff to be the next Knight Rider — well, sort of.

You’re the hometown boy for this stop of the Dew Tour. Why is Ocean City a good look for an event like this, and something you come out to?
It’s a great event to have, especially in a place like Ocean City, because of the small businesses in the area. It pumps up the economy, and everyone here is so grateful to have it. We’ve been to cities where the locals don’t even show up to these kinds of contests. I would go to the guys that put this event on and say, “You know if you go to Baltimore City, you’ll have to cut the line because people will be wrapped around the building to get in.” They actually listened, and they came out to Baltimore [with Dew Tour]. From there, they brought it to Ocean City.”

From your perspective, what are some must-do things while in Maryland?
You just have to watch it when you’re driving [Laughs]. There are a lot of bad drivers here. Once you make it to your point of interest though, it’s an awesome area. First, you should stop at Fisher’s Popcorn to pick up a tub of caramel popcorn. Dayton’s Fried Chicken at the Dough Roller is essential, too. Walk the Boardwalk, play some games, and just hang out. Finally, head over to Jolly Roger. They have a great waterpark and fast go-karts.

Some of the athletes that we caught up with have all mentioned you as one of the people they want to see this year at Dew Tour. Who do you get stoked to see skate or skate with?
One of my all-time favorites to skate with is Bob Burnquist. I also like technical guys like PLG and Rune Glifberg, who’s not here this week since he broke his wrist at X Games. Mitchie Brusco, Tom Schaar — all those young guys are exciting to watch. I like seeing the power and motivation that anyone brings to the table, especially if they’re grateful to be here.

We recently saw you hanging with David Hasselhoff. Are you about to be in the next reboot of Knight Rider?
I am the next Knight Rider [Laughs]! It’s gonna be a Subaru though, and the episode will be called “GRC.” I’ve just been racing a lot lately, and it’s something I’ve always loved doing as a hobby. To do it now as a professional career by driving for Subaru is a dream come true.

When did you get started in racing? Was it at the same time as the skateboarding?
I’ve been racing as a hobby since I started driving. I went to racing schools, attended track days, and got my own go-kart around the time I moved to California. Since then, I’ve just be doing track days and racing with the best. It made me fast. Once you find something that you love and have passion for, being able to do it as much as you can is hard to even describe. There’s nothing like it.

What do have going on after Dew Tour?
I’ve got a lot of racing lined up. Dew Tour is pretty much my last contest, unless I decide to go to one of the others. As of now, this will be the wrap up for me when it comes to competing this year. I’m just looking forward to being in the racecar. We’re fighting for some wins now. It’s been a long three years of development, so to finally get here with our team by developing the car to the level of the other guys is great. We’re bringing it to guys who’ve been developing for the past 10 to 15 years. I’m ready to not be looked at as just a skateboarder anymore, and be taken seriously as a racer.

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