Dew Tour 2014: Uriel Esquivias Reveals His Skateboarding Aspirations And Summer Playlist

It’s not just about the pros here at the Dew Tour 2014 stop in Ocean City. Shortly after catching the Skate Street Sessions competition, we caught up with one of Mountain Dew’s newest skaters to join the squad, West coast native Uriel Esquivias. Get familiar with the summer plans and career aspirations of this rising star in the SB world, which include going pro and knocking Joy Division all summer long.

Give a little background on who you are and what you do.
My name is Uriel Esquivias, and I come from Hawthorne, California — originally from Inglewood. I graduated from California State University, Long Beach two years ago with a bachelor’s [degree] in Sociology. I started skating around my area, and then I met other dudes to kick it with. After I met Theotis [Beasley], we just started skating and been doing it everyday since. Theo got sponsored first, but I didn’t get into it until later. I ended up getting with Chocolate Skateboards, and then Theo helped me get with Nike and Mountain Dew. I eventually picked up Royal [Skateboard] Trucks and Fourstar as sponsors as well.

What’s been on your agenda so far this summer?
We’ve been filming a lot. That’s what we always do though. We’re usually either skating at Girl Park or out in the streets filming. We’re always up to doing something wild, whether it’s hitting a concert or random parties.

What’s your summer soundtrack looking like?
I have a big variety of music, but I really like to stick with Wu Tang a lot. Joy Division gets me pumped as well. Theo and I have been known to get turnt up to 2 Chainz and A$AP Ferg, too [Laughs]. “Work” is a tough song.

What’s the biggest thing that made you excited to check out Dew Tour this year?
All the Mountain Dew trips are so tight, especially since I’m with the homies. We get to just mess around, have fun, and just feel at home with friends. The scene on the beach is amazing. They’re doing a lot of stuff for the kids out here, from being able to see the pros to giving out free stuff. It’s tight that Dew gives back.

It seems like everything is really fresh for you right now. Do you have any immediate goals for your skate career?
Everyone wants to turn pro, of course. That’s one of my main aspirations. I also really want to help other kids come up. To me, it’s all about doing your thing then going out to spot kids ripping in your local town to put in the good word. It keeps the cycle going. You might get older and get out the game, but you’ll always have kids that you put on.

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