Dew VR Snow Experience Debuts at Burton US Open, Get a Preview

After the success of the DEW VR Skate Experience, in February DEW set out in search of the perfect pow for a sequel.

That search led them to the backcountry of Utah with team riders Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, and funnyman Jack Mitrani.

The crew set out to capture the first-of-its-kind live action backcountry Virtual Reality snowboarding video, called the DEW VR Snow Experience.

As the Oculus VR-enabled technology debuts at the Burton US Open, this YouTube video gives you a taste of what you can expect. These are some of the crew’s favorite moments from the run and you can join along to get a taste of the session that went down, join the guys in the helicopter, and take in a little bit of the camping vibes to close the run.

We also have this look at the process behind creating the DEW VR Snow Experience in this video.

The team battled the elements, avoided avalanches, and more, to capture the full experience of what it would be like plunging into a run with Danny Davis and Scotty Lago. They even touch on the “Time Warp” feature, that allows you to jump back at certain points, to take in some things you might’ve missed or a second run at an extra awesome jump.

Check out the video above, and if you happen to be out in Vail you can take the DEW VR Snow Experience for a spin. (And if you don’t make it out to Colorado, it’s also available on Milk VR for the Samsung Gear VR headset.)

Danny Davis and Scotty Lago are currently out in Vail, Colorado competing in the 2015 Burton US Open. Catch updates on Green Label’s Instagram and Twitter.


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