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The Driving-to-Bonnaroo Playlist, Presented by DEWShine

Bonnaroo is here! Tennessee’s down-home reputation is less glam than that of other festival-hosting states, and Bonnaroo's where your clothes and boots are meant to get muddy, but that's why we love it so much. To celebrate, we've created a list of the best tracks to listen while driving to Tennessee with the crew, brought to you by Dew's clear soda DEWshine, a true original with a citrus kick, born in the wilds of Tennessee, now available legally for the first time.

Whether you’re crossing the misty DEWshine highway or wandering off the trail, here’s a Bonnaroo drive-ready playlist to kindle your excitement for the start of things. The playlist features songs from artists who are taking the stage this year and songs from past performers who’ve set high benchmarks for any follow-ups.

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