Do The Dew

“DEW is about excitement and adventure. That time when everyone is asleep and your adrenaline levels are at their peak. Your pounding heart fills the night’s sound void. Everything is green for your eyes, like night vision. You’ve got a wall to paint — you must complete your mission.”

DEZ (Houston, TX)

DEW is proud to introduce the world to Dez’s animated lines and brilliant colors. He rose to the top of the 2007 Green Label Art design contest, competing against thousands of artists and designers for a spot on this year’s roster. Honing his style through involvement in his local hip hop scene, Dez is known for his work on everything from walls to T-shirts, sneakers and furniture. He has explored graffiti’s application through airbrush, old school caps and the computer. Now he can add one more canvas to his list: our aluminum bottles.

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