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Mark Peaced

My favorite piece that I took from 2015 has to be the time I was able to be in a listening session between Rick Rubin and Goldlink. I was referred by a good friend of mine from Soulection to capture this moment for an interview that Pitchfork had lined up with Goldlink. It was a last minute opportunity that I couldn't turn down.

It took place in Malibu, at Shangri La Studios (Rick's studio) inside of a tour bus that's lodged in the back yard. This wasn't any ordinary tour bus, either; it was Bob Dylan's tour bus from the '70s. You can just imagine what took place in that bus. Plus, Yeezus was also recorded there. I was in shock when I first met Rick, since this man paved the way; everything I grew up loving somehow involved Rick Rubin. And I was in a listening session for Goldlink's first album. I've met Goldlink before this, through my Soulection family, but that day a new friendship was created, and I was also able to have an intimate experience with a god, Rick Rubin.

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