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This year has been a whirlwind of activity for me. I have never been able to travel as much as I have this year. To think all of my traveling has been due to my abilities behind a camera is nuts. A career as a “photographer” or “director” is unheard of where I come from. It has only been in the last four, five years that we have been able to see kids pick up affordable technology and flex thanks to the internet and apps like Instagram.  I have been grinding away for over 15 years on my own.  It began with learning how to edit on two VCRs back in 1999 then teaching myself light and photograph along the way.

This year, this single image helped redefine me as an artist.  People have seen a lot of my live music and promotional work. I've seldom released anything that does not have a notable name attached unless it was something in passing on Instagram. This image, "INTO THE VOID", received such a different reaction from my peers and beyond that it helped shape my confidence going into the second half of 2015. I shot this right after coming home from SXSW back home in NY. I had been gone for the entire year leading up to shooting this. This image, to me, exemplifies the feeling I have in NY after being away for so long: You're alone in a metropolis of people walking into the unknown.

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