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Digging Through the Greats: Austin Vesely

I was six or seven years old and my grandma left her camera at my house. I started making movies with my toys and stuff like that. When I moved to Chicago, to go to college, in 2010, I met up with a couple of guys who were making music videos for the local scene. I started collaborating with them and they happened to do a lot of stuff for Kids These Days, the band Vic [Mensa] was in for a while. I went out on tour with KTD to Canada or something like that and bonded with Vic and all the other guys. I did my first music video on my own with Vic and Nico [Donnie Trumpet], and it was at that shoot that I met Chance.

What I usually try to do is listen to the music first and see what images or feelings are elicited from the song. Sometimes I'll scroll through Tumblr while I listen to the song and find where the synchronicity happens, where an image will click, and I can go from there.

The last big thing I did was "Sunday Candy" for Chance and the Social Experiment. That whole thing was really amazing. It was the biggest crew I'd ever had, and I don't think anyone on set was over 30 years old, so it was just a bunch of young, really talented people. And the fact that we did it in Chicago was special.

A good way to learn is through trial and error. Just start making stuff and find out what works for you and what doesn't. Find artists you believe in, because if you're drawing inspiration from the music, you really want to love what you're listening to. Be yourself and try not to do what people would expect from a music video. There's already people doing that. Find your voice within the medium.

Images: Austin Vesely on Vimeo

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