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Digging Through the Greats: Blake Jones

I just recently started dating this girl, and when she asked my mom if I've always been drawing, she told her about how I've always had pens and pencils in my pocket, how I've always carried a sketchbook, and how pens would always bust in my pockets and I'd have stained shirts ever since I was little.

A lot of my drawings come from really dumb conversations with friends. I used to work at an art supply store with just the weirdest people, and we'd always have group text messages going with the stupidest ideas. I also watch cartoons all the time, King of the Hill especially.

I'm working on some collaborative zines right now; one's with a guy who does sign painting for a living. We're doing one that’ll be a bunch of really stupid rap lyrics, and he’ll do the calligraphy and I'm doing really dumb portraits of rappers to go along with them.

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