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Digging Through the Greats: @Insighting

I started photography about a year ago. I don’t have any background in photography;  it was a newfound passion as of this year.

I used to work in SoHo. That’s where I got exposed to the whole community in the fashion and photography district. You had people taking photos here and there. I saw someone took a picture of a puddle, and I wondered, Why? So I went and saw that there was a reflection of a building. That somehow cemented it in my mind and made me see things with a different perspective. I downloaded Instagram—I had an iPhone4 at the time—and I started taking pictures and developing my own vision.

That’s my trademark hat. When people look for me at Instameets, a lot of people look for this hat.  The handful of portraits that people have taken of me are with that hat, so it’s recognizable.

Image: @mattdoscher, edited by @96wp

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