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Digging Through the Greats: placesplusfaces

In December I went on a trip to Japan with my friend Ian Connor and a bunch of other people to take photos. I never thought photography would ever be taking me to Japan. All these experiences and places I've been to... I probably would have gone there at some time in my life, but I never thought it would be through photography. There are people that I know that have been doing photography since way before I started, and they haven't done what I've done.

I started shooting with digital, but then I got bored of carrying a heavy camera around my neck, so I switched to film. When you're carrying around a digital camera, people automatically associate you with the paparazzi. People assume that in digital pictures, you'll be able to see scars or uglier traits, so they try to make themselves look as pretty as possible. When they see a smaller film camera, they just see it as a fun, cool thing so they act however they want. I'm also into documentary-style photography, so film is better for capturing that feel.

My partner Soelz doesn't really like being in the limelight. We created placesplusfaces together. At the time, he was a photographer and I was starting up so I brought him in to cover events and stuff in London while I was away in New York. He's been there from the beginning.

For aspiring photographers, I'd tell them to just have fun with it. Don't second guess about taking a picture. If you feel like the time is right or you see the person you want to shoot, then go for it. Don't think to yourself, 'Oh, maybe next time,' because there may not be a next time.


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