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DJ Whoo Kid Breaks Down His Essential DJ Set-Up

The right tools won't make a bad artist great, but they can help make a great artist into a world famous star. For years, DJ Whoo Kid has been the face behind the turntables for G-Unit and a tour DJ for 50 Cent, who has worked with other huge names in hip-hop, has his own Shade 45 radio show, and travels the world playing shows. You'd think such an accomplished DJ would have an incredibly elaborate set-up, right? Wrong.

“I keep everything simple when it comes to pre-recording my Shade 45 show or knocking out an artist's mixtape," says Whoo Kid. "My equipment is used for both, and I had to make things easy due to my incredible travel schedule.”

We can’t guarantee that the same set-up will have you DJing for 50 Cent anytime soon since the talent and hard work portion of the program are up to you, but you are about to get a rare behind-the-scenes look at the equipment Whoo Kid uses to conquer the DJ world. Studying the masters is the first step to becoming a master. Watch and learn.

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