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The 10 Dos and Don'ts of Vintage Shopping

One man’s trash can definitely be another man’s favorite camouflage M-65 field jacket. Okay, we might be a little bit off on that saying, but you guys get the drift. The vintage trend has clearly taken on a life of its own, even becoming the preferred choice of shopping for some people as an alternative to buying brand new clothing. Whether you’re sprung off the thought of wearing a T-shirt someone else was rocking two decades ago or consider it the only way you’ll find a worn-in, naturally faded stonewash denim Levi’s jacket, there’s no denying the fact that you can find some really fresh stuff at a store full of old apparel.

If you’re still getting your feet wet in the world of thrifting, we put together a pretty helpful guide to ensure you don’t play yourself by spending way too much on a Tupac T-shirt, ignoring cool stuff because it doesn’t have a Swoosh on the tag, or only sticking to that local Beacon’s Closet that you love so much. Stick with us, and we’ll have you decked out in the best throwback gear hiding in those garment racks.

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