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The Dos And Don’ts of Having the Best New Year’s Eve Ever

The end has come — at least for 2013. Regardless of how the past 12 months have treated you, it’s time to celebrate a new year that will hopefully bring us one step closer towards that I, Robot future we’ve all been waiting for. We just hope you guys know what you’re getting into for New Year’s Eve. If not, here are a few key tips you should follow to make the night one for the books.

We’ve broken it down into 10 simple steps: five dos and five don’ts. This list will make sure you avoid anything that could potentially end your night early, as well as some cool ideas to keep you entertained well past the ball drop at 12:00 a.m. With that said, here’s to celebrating a bunch of lasting memories that you’ll actually remember in the morning. You can thank us later in 2014.

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