Drawing With Music: See Yuri Suzuki’s Tiny Robot Orchestra

The dyslexia that plagued Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki's childhood inspired him to find different ways to read music. By using creativity, imagination and obviously a lot of fun, Suzuki created an installation that incourages viewers to produce their own music using actual color markers. Basically, as you draw along the curvy lines on the floor, robots (called "Color Chasers") translate their marks into one-of-a-kind sound pieces. The "robot orchestra" features five different machines that each have their own sound and shape. You've got the Basscar, which is good for dubstep, the Glitchcar, filled with computer-like sounds, and the Melodycar, Arpeggiocar, and the Drumcar for additional rhythm.

Get a look at a few images of Yuri Suzuki's robot orchestra in the gallery above, but also see it in action by checking out the video below:

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