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Dream Teams: Musicians We'd Like To See Tour Together

Nowadays, touring is the main way artists get their big break, not to mention also breaking the bank, too. It’s no longer just about dropping a decent album or dressing in the freshest clothes. Artists have to actually get out there and engage the fans. In return, we’re able to experience some of the coolest, most diverse road shows that are happening more frequently than ever. On the rare occasion, we even get treated to more than one of our favorite artists headlining shows together. These performances end up not only creating lasting music moments, but ultimately end up being pretty profitable for the artists themselves. From the amount of gained fans to the increased potential for future projects, it goes without saying that “the more, the merrier” definitely applies in this situation.

Considering all genres of music, we have a few musical pairs in mind that we think would tear the stage up side by side. Some are actual past and present collaborators, while others are just pure fantasy mash-ups. Either way, we’d be first in line to grab up tickets to see any one of these duos hit the road together. After you take a look through our list, let us know some of the dream teams you could see sharing a headline on the same bill.

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