A-Trak, Joey Bada$$, P-Rod and More Play “Eat Your Greens” at Green Label Live: SXSW

Those who loved you best as a child told you to eat your greens because they cared about you. Because they knew what was good for you. Because your greens are nutritious—not always delicious—but always for the best.

This is how we think of Eat Your Greens, the ridiculous Green Label version of “Apples to Apples,” the age-old party game and conversation starter, except that ours fuses pop culture, forgotten ’90s celebrities, and Tumblr memes with the world’s best DJs, skaters, and rappers and just a gentle sprinkling of Drake tears (happy ones).

For this edition of Eat Your Greens, live from Green Label Live: Austin at SXSW we marshaled a line-up of heavyweights. The fight card featured A-Trak versus Joey Bada$$; Desus versus Mero; Napkin Killa versus Bob Motown; and P-Rod, Jordan Maxham, and Cookie Colbourn all against each other. Bam.

If you don’t know, the rules are simple.

  1. Turn up a dark green card, which contains a phrase with blanks.
  2. Fill in the blanks using your light green cards, which contain an assortment of random words
  3. Best phrase wins a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew!

Just kidding about that last part.

But the rest is deadly serious.

Check out our supercut of the best of Eat Your Greens from Green Label Live: Austin at SXSW. Oh yeah, and see Rae Sremmurd, the original on-camera pranksters breaking in our brand-new Eat Your Greens deck at Green Label Live: Chicago.

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