El Mac Mural “To The Future” Enlists Writers Kwest and Stare

El Mac’s Toronto-based mural To The Future pays homage to the late Alex Colville, an artist that he considers to be one of Canada's best. The large-scale piece references Colville's iconic 1965 painting, "To Prince Edward Island," and to undertake the project, the Angeleno enlisted the help of Canadian friends Kwest and Stare.

"I've been a fan of Colville's work since I first saw it as a kid, and felt it would be appropriate to paint this mural in Toronto, the city of his birth," said El Mac on his site.

"His work often elevated and mythologized the commonplace, something I strive for in my own art. He also put a great deal of time and subtlety into his paintings, an aesthetic I share, which is at odds with our modern culture of increasing speed and decreasing attention spans," he continued.

To The Future was commissioned by Eventscape and took four days for the three artists to complete. It's located on the roof of Eventscape's building facing the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto.

Check out this video by YouGottaLove to see the mural's construction and watch El Mac, Kwest, and Stare in action as they pay homage to one of their fellow greats.



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