See How Elvis Influenced Your Favorite Rappers

Spotify‘s Elvis influence allows you to type in any artist name and, six-degrees-of-separation-style, see their connection to Elvis. For example, typing in “Nicki Minaj” I get

“Nicki Minaj was influenced by Lil Kim”oof, sorry Nicki—”who was influenced by Mariah Carey, who was influenced by Harry Nilsson, who was influenced by Elvis Presley.” So there you have it. But what about all the people Elvis was so famously influenced by? Considering that Elvis’s influences from Southern black music were strong enough it compelled Chuck D to mention it in “Fight The Power.” Although later he would go on to say, “Elvis was a brilliant artist. As a musicologist—and I consider myself one—there was always a great deal of respect for Elvis, especially during his Sun sessions. As a black people, we all knew that. (In fact), Eminem is the new Elvis because, number one, he had the respect for black music that Elvis had.”

(When you type in “Eminem” you get Beastie Boys > Led Zeppelin > Elvis.)

There’s also a cool “Elvisualization” chart which allows you to trace clusters of artists and influences as they relate to Elvis.

Let us see MJ next?

Image: Wikipedia


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