Emoji Art x Classic Paintings = Instagram Gold

As a child, I remember field trips to the museum being excruciatingly boring. I was never interested in “classic” art, and always found more inspiration from a Nirvana album cover than anything Van Gogh painted. Post Impressionism? I’d rather find out what teen spirit really smelled like.

But what if those classic paintings had a little bit of a modern twist? That would’ve made 13-year-old Brian motivated to hit the Museum of Fine Arts. If that’s something that would’ve increased your interests in classic art, too, you need to check out the emoji art of Instagrammer Matthew Olin.

On IG as @oh_matt, Olin replaces parts of paintings, famous street art, iconic movie scenes and soccer games with emojis that have similar expressions as the characters or images in the original picture. For example, Olin replaced the enigmatic smile on Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” with the smirking face emoji, and in his latest post, dubbed in the freaky twins from The Shining


All of Olin’s emoji artwork can be found on Instagram under the hashtag #ContextualEmojiPortraits. He also has all of the images on his personal Instagram, @oh_matt. Olin currently sits at just over 700 followers. Lets get that number up to 1,000, and maybe he’ll bless us with some more free emoji art.

Images: @Oh_Matt

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