Epicly Later’d Interview: Patrick O’Dell Talks About Theotis Beasley

We sat down with Epicly Later'd creator Patrick O'Dell to talk about the new series that features the one and only Theotis Beasley. Check out what Patrick had to say about knowing Theotis since he was a kid and much more.

You’ve known Theo since he was a young gun at Altamont. How did that happen?
Andrew Reynolds got him on Altamont around the same time Theotis officially got on Baker. Theotis hadn’t really gotten a lot of coverage at that point, but Reynolds is really talented at finding new skaters. I shot most of the pictures for Altamont back then and we did some team trips and catalog shoots, and it was great working with him. Later, we did sponsor-me reviews for Altamont, where skaters would send in tapes and he would review them. He is probably the only pro skater in the world that can find something nice to say about everybody.

How has his skating style changed since those days? What about his personality?
His personality is about exactly the same, except he’s discovered girls and nightclubs, but none of that has changed him. He’s still a great guy to see and hang out with, and he’s really humble.

Theo and Malto, who you covered in the last episode of Epicly Later’d, are dealing with the distinctly new pressures that come from the current skate world, but they’re also pretty much universally considered upstanding guys. Do you have to be friendly to succeed these days?
No, there are plenty of pro skaters that are total bad trips. But I think both Malto and Theo will get a lot out of life and their careers, and I can’t see either of them becoming bitter or resentful. I am always curious to see how skate careers play out.

How do you think growing up in Inglewood informed Theo’s style and attitude towards skating?
I don’t know whether it’s nature or nurture. Antwaun is from around there and had the same sponsors, but things turned out different for him. I do know that he gives back to his family and friends probably more than any skater I’ve ever met.

What’s up next for Epicly Later’d?
Next is Ed Templeton. It’s taken a while, but hopefully that will be done soon. I am very excited about another “legends” episode. Ed remembers everything and can spin quite a yarn.

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