Evan Coburn

Circle of 8

“The label design is meant to create a playful sense of mystery. Using some of my favorite scientific elements, I encoded the bottle with all kinds of hidden information. The lettering brings it all into focus…”

Evan Coburn (Los Angeles, CA)

Evan Coburn is a Los Angeles based artist who has studied fine art in both Europe and Southeast Asia. A former chemistry student, Evan strives to express the human element that exists outside of time. He combines a blend of modern day alchemical symbols with a variety of graphic elements to create images that explore the mystery of life. Evan’s work asks a simple question. What is it that takes a handful of chemicals and gives it life? With a strong sense of composition and a unique approach to image manipulation, Evan’s work explodes with vibrant colors and a dynamic uplifting sense of style. MYSPACE.COM/CIRCLEOF8

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