Evan Penny Wants You To Reconsider Your Selfie

When you attend something like the SCOPE Art Show, you expect to have the plethora of work from artists the world over to catch your eye, grab your attention, and admire the creative process. Then there are artists or pieces that bewilder you. Evan Penny is one of the latter.

His 2012 self-portrait titled Self Stretch was on display, courtesy of the Hoerle-Guggenheim gallery. What stood out about it was the way that Penny depicted himself stretched and warped. Upon speaking to the gallery’s representative, I was informed that there was also something else peculiar happening within the work itself.

With his work, Penny explores how photography and images can warp our depictions of ourselves and others. The artist forces the viewer to delve deeper into his thought process, with his work, by creating photorealistic sculptures comprised of silicone, hand painted clay, and his own body hair. Each follicle on Self Stretch came from the artist’s body and is used to blur the line of what is real and what is a distorted glimpse of life.

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