Everything You Should Know About Titanfall: Frontline

Only the most elite and profitable franchises earn spin-offs, and one which is expanding its universe is the online multiplayer blockbuster Titanfall.

Respawn Entertainment’s property is set to take over your social life once again with the release of Titanfall 2 (grab codes to unlock a special one-on-one “Coliseum” mode from Dew and Doritos products*), along with a new mobile game that will accompany the sequel dubbed Titanfall: Frontline. So what should we expect from the iOS/Android title? A fresher, newer take on the Titanfall series.

Let us give you the 411 on Titanfall: Frontline!

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It’s A Strategy Card Game

It’s true. Frontline is a radical departure from its console sibling, ditching the insane first-person action for turn-based combat. You’ll basically collect and upgrade hundreds of Pilots and Titans, also gather burn cards to create the ultimate squad. Over hundreds of cards and combinations will be at your command. It’s basically Hearthstone, only with robots.

Much Of Titanfall’s DNA Is Found In Frontline

The news of Frontline being a card-based mobile game has FPS fans somewhat… anticipating. Respawn knew this would be the case. Which is why it “worked hand-in-hand” with game developer, Particle City, to bring some of Titanfall’s iconic elements into the mobile entry. This includes everything from Titan drops to “using a combination of Parkour and Rodeo Burn Cards to take a Titan down.” Breathe easy.

Mech Customization Remains At The Heart of Frontline

One component that makes the Titanfall series such a dope trip is the ability to deck out Titans with sick upgrades. Frontline keeps the concept intact, only advancing through a deck-building system that lets you boost decks to accommodate play styles and customize mechs. Building the right decks is huge to winning matches, as you’ll want to set up Pilots and Titans with the right defense techniques.

It’s A Free-To-Play Game

Most mobile game developers are taking on the F2P business model to promote more player activations. So it only made sense for global publisher Nexus to partner with Respawn and Particle City, making Frontline available as free downloads in the App Store and Google Play. This should encourage more console gamers to engage in mobile mech warfare.

Real-Time PvP Is Alive And Well

Card-based tactical warfare can be tedious, especially when other players aren’t available to make their move and keep the action moving. Particle City knows how real such gaming struggles can be, which is why it developed Frontline as a real-time PvP experience, where players challenge each other head-to-head. You’ll also be able to team up with other groups and climb up the leaderboards when duking it out on the battlefield.

You’ll Take On The Role Of Brigade Commanders

Little is known about the story of Frontline. What we do know is players will immerse themselves into the Frontier War as commanders, while enlisting the services of other popular ones such as Sarah and Spyglass. You’ll be given the option to build IMC or Militia squads and deploy them based on their play styles. This will be mostly executed through card collecting.

It Ties In With Titanfall 2… Or Does It?

The developers are hush right now on where Frontline falls in the Titanfall timeline. However, one source indicates Frontline will be tied into the console and PC versions of Titanfall 2 with burn cards spearheading the entire experience. Sounds promising to say the least.

Social Play Is Encouraged

Much of Titanfall’s success is because its fan base is loyal; Frontline will take team play a step further by letting players team up and form social guilds to help members “rank up” their Pilots and Titans. This makes for a more enticing PvP matches, something unprecedented in other card-based games. Start forming your cliques.

Players Can Earn In-Game Rewards

One guaranteed way to draw gamers in is with free swag. Respawn and Co. will reward players with in-game goodies, like whenthose who pre-register for Frontline ahead of its release will be qualified to earn some extras at the game’s global launch. Head over to Titanfall site right now to get a head-start on the competition.

Call It The First Of What Might Be More Spinoffs

Seeing what’s been shared recently, looks like we’ll be seeing more Titans wrecking havoc across your iPhone screens in the near future. Nexus General Manager Lawrence Koh claimed Frontline would be “the beginning of the incredible stand-alone mobile sci-fi experiences based on the Titanfall universe we’re looking to bring to gamers around the world.”

Images: Titanfall

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