Exposure Open Mic: An Open Mic Night Attended by Industry Talent Scouts

How do you go from a struggle rapper to a worldwide rap mogul? What steps can you take to make your dream of being an artist a reality? Maybe you should e-mail bloggers incessantly until they post your music (no, please don’t do this).

In reality, you should probably just make dope music. The cream always rises to the top eventually. But even if you are spitting God-level sixteens, sometimes you need that one “connected” person to help the process move a little faster. That’s what Exposure Open Mic is for.

Held at Apache Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, Exposure Open Mic isn’t your standard open mic night. Instead of a dimly lit room with a bunch of depressed attendees, Exposure Open Mic is set up so people with real power in the music industry can see you perform. No longer will you be performing for a bunch of artists just waiting nervously for their turn to hit the stage; now, you can go to an open mic knowing that people with the power to bring your music to the masses will be in attendance, including DJ’s, working executives, and industry tastemakers will all be there to check your stuff out. Also, according to the flyer, performers have the opportunity to win over $1,000 in industry prizes. Is paying an artist’s rent an industry prize? That would be ideal.

“Exposure Open Mic” is on April 9 and is hosted by Playboy Tre and Fort Knox. If you’re super lucky T.I. will come through and make you the next Iggy Azalea.

Image: Soulation


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