Fin DAC’s Latest Mural is Hidden in a Forest in Hong-Kong

Irish street artist Fin DAC has been on the move lately, having recently unveiled his stencil murals in a handful of cities around the world. Most recently, he visited Hong Kong to create Senaka, a massive rooftop masterpiece that can only be seen from above.

This work is an addition to his ongoing Hidden Beauty series, a collection of portraits on buildings and surfaces in undisclosed locations. Previous works in the series include a secret mural in downtown Los Angeles, and a mural on a ship docked near the North Wales coastline. Senaka is hidden in a forested area of Hong-Kong. It’s appropriately located near The Dragon’s Back, a ridge in the southeastern region of the city.

Senaka stays consistent with his signature style, since it depicts a larger-than-life, tattooed woman with a burst of vibrant color masking her eyes. He dubs his technique “urban aesthetics,” drawing upon Asian influences, and oftentimes depicting Asian women.

Accompanying unveiling of Senaka is a short film that documents the piece’s creation. In under two minutes, the time lapsed clip follows Fin DAC’s journey with the mural from start to finish.

Earlier this month, Fin DAC unveiled a collaborative piece with Angelina Christina in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He also traveled to Madrid to resurrect one of his wall murals that had been removed due to construction, and presented two pieces for Art Basel in Miami late last year.

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