Finally, a News App That Gives You All The News in GIFs

The beauty of the English language is that it always evolves, and that’s certainly been the case in recent years. Kids have been verbalizing “LOL.” Emojis have jumped from the text-message lexicon into the literary canon. And now news headlines are getting the GIF treatment thanks to NewsGif.

NewsGif is an app for iPhone, iPod and iPad from Stagename Inc. that takes the day’s headlines and adapts them for GIF form. Each headline comes with a lead GIF, but if you click through you can see alternatives and vote on the GIF you think best represents the article. (If you change out the GIF, it remains that way on your personal news feed, too). You can also upload your own suggestions, if your mental GIF crawler throws up the perfect GIF-reaction alternative.

To illustrate, just the other day the app had a story titled “Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Are Ditching Artificial Ingredients,” with a tantrum-throwing Walter White hurling a pizza onto his garage roof.

news app

A floating Shiba Inu in a space suit was the perfect way to imply the staggering incompetence involved in “$1.8 Billion Disappears In Russia Space Program”…

news app

… and this is basically the only correct reaction to news L’Oreal wants to start 3D printing human skin:

news app

The beauty of NewsGif is that it lets you have some fun with whimsical GIFs, but it actually has the practical applications of a proper news reader—swipe right and you can share the story and save the GIF; swipe left and you can read the full article at its original source. It’s novel technology and seems like another step forward for visual language. Maybe one day the GIF will be a key part of a reader’s daily digest, the images so refined and poignant in capturing the story being told that you won’t even need the accompanying news report at all.

Download all the news that’s fit to GIF here.

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