Find New Music with the Tinder for Songs, The Best Song

Oh, this is bad. Not bad as in "The Best Song app doesn’t work," because it totally works. It works too well; to find new music, The Best Song is one of the most engaging and entertaining apps I’ve ever used.

Essentially a Tinder-ized version of your typical music app, The Best Song fires off random tunes to see if you love them or hate them. Swipe left or right, give it the “X” or give it the heart, and then move on to the next song. And the next song. And the next song.

At the end, the app gives you a playlist of all those songs you liked, easy as that.

You can compile playlists, share with friends, or just keep clicking until it’s 2 a.m. and you haven’t moved from your sofa, but darn it, you need to find the perfect song for this playlist and you can’t go to sleep yet.

Or ever, because there are so many songs and you need to listen to them all.

The truly admirable thing about The Best Song is what it wants to do: The developers are hoping to compile charts and rankings that reflect what music people actually enjoy, which is revolutionary considering most music industry charts are decided by program directors and retail statistics. Wresting control of the charts from the music industry machine is about as noble an endeavor as we can think of.

Sorry, gotta go. More songs to listen to.

Download The Best Song here.

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