Five Gadgets I Wish I Brought to Coachella

Although you may have gone to the first weekend of Coachella with the most boss camping gear ever, there are definitely some gadgets you wish you had brought. It sucks that we always remember what we should’ve brought when it’s too late. Hindsight is 20/20, people. That’s why we’ve put together a list of awesome gadgets that we wish we had at week one for everyone going this weekend. You’re welcome, second weekenders.

The Narrative Clip
It’s nearly impossible to grab pictures of everything and experience the festival at the same time. Let the Narrative Clip take pictures for you. Just clip it on your shirt collar, and the Narrative Clip will take two photos every minute. Experience all of Coachella and save a bunch of space on your phone.

CamelBak The Cloud Walker 18
CamelBaks kind of look like a turtle shell and the biggest cornballs always wear them. Having said that, they serve an essential purpose: keeping you hydrated. What's nice about this specific model is that it looks like a normal backpack, and you can put other items in it, too.

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is just so balling, of course I would’ve wanted this at Coachella. Not that it would’ve been extraordinarily useful, or even that many people were wearing one (Drake did have one), but it definitely would’ve scored me a lot of cool points. The highly anticipated smart watch just dropped, so showing up to the biggest music festival with it on your wrist would be the ultimate stunt. Second weekenders, it’s not too late.

Selfie Stick
What was I thinking not copping a selfie stick for Coachella? Music festivals are probably the only place that selfie sticks are widely accepted. I would even say they’re necessary. I was super jealous of all the groups of five or more people taking selfies with ease while my friends and I had to ask strangers for help. This is the future of selfies, everyone! Don't get caught sleeping.

Lepow PIE
My phone died each day at Coachella. Always by 4 pm. That means I went most of the festival without any way to contact my friends or check my timeline. Sad times, indeed. If I had brought the Lepow PIE portable charger, my iPhone would’ve been on 100% the entire time. The Lepow PIE is lightweight, and it doesn't look super bulky like every other portable charger. No need to wait in an hourlong charging station line when you have this.

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