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Breaking Down The FlashFWD Awards’ "Soundwav Influencer" Category

The 5th Annual FlashFWD Awards is less than two weeks away, but you guys are probably not too familiar with some of the categories — or why the nominees are even suitable to be honored. For starters, let us fill you in on what the FlashFWD Awards are in the first place. Since 2010, The FlashFWD committee has awarded leaders in the worlds of music and tech — particularly those bringing both platforms together — for their creativity, innovative ideas, and forward-thinking business initiatives that consistently advance the music industry into the future.

One of the biggest honors of the night is the “Soundwav Influencer” award, which pays respect to a “visionary individual who has significantly impacted digital music culture through the early adoption or creation of new technology.” From Nas’ recent initiative to fund tech scholarships, to Beyoncé’s game-changing digital album drop last December, the nominees on this list are more than capable of receiving this award. See some reasons why we’re good with either of these people going home with the prize.

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