Make These Foldable Headphones A Real Thing Already

The Armadillo Foldable Headphones were dreamed up by Tony Larsson, an industrial design engineer based in Stockholm. While some folks prefer earbuds, there are still those that like to get lost in their music with larger options.

As Tony himself states, “Large style headphones have over recent years seen an increase in popularity over earbuds, but unlike earbuds they present limited portability.” For this reason, he put his brain to work to develop the Armadillo Foldable Headphones.

Taking inspiration from the animal of the same name, Tony’s headphone concept presents a product that can be folded along the head strap to make it more compact and easy to be carried when not in use. To make sure the headphones remain secure when folded they also make use of magnets on the outsides of each earcup.

While these haven’t gone into production, we can see the Armadillo Foldable Headphones becoming a very popular alternative to headphones and earbuds currently on the market. We probably would’ve included them in The Best Gadgets of 2015 (So Far) post, if they were.

Head over to Larsson’s website to check out the full Armadillo Foldable Headphones concept and other interesting projects.

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