Breaking: Genius Invents French Toast Crunch French Toast

French Toast Crunch is like the G-Unit of breakfast cereals: it defined most of my younger years, went quiet for a while without warning, then pursued a (slightly underwhelming) comeback.

While as an adult I’m not readopting the sugary little bread slices into my everyday routine (and I’ve yet to buy 50’s latest album), I still send virtual daps to geniuses like those at The Glut Life, who mess around with recipes to create super indulgent, occasionally gross-sounding stunt foods, like the Sriracha flavored icecream sandwich, for example.

The latest from the Dallas food blog is this recipe for French Toast Crunch French Toast, “a very meta high cholesterol joy ride” and a mouthful in more ways than one: see their very precise recipe for thick slices of fresh baguette, rolled in cereal, and fried, here. They should probably start writing their James Beard acceptance speeches now.

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