“Friends Of Thrones” Blocks GOT Spoilers With Plot of Popular ’90s Sitcom

You’ve been waiting for months, you are ready for swordplay and scandal—it’s finally time for Game of Thrones! The familiar HBO static comes on the screen and then… endless static.

It used to be that you would have to spend the next day hiding from social media if you wanted to avoid deets on the previous evening’s eviscerations, but no more! Thanks to the brilliant new Chrome extension Friends of Thrones (“Because Friends don’t let friends spoil the fun,”) you can replace all of the Game of Thrones references from your pals with references to the ’90s sitcom. For example, it:

  • 1. Changes the names of all the characters.

    Change all the names

  • 2. Swaps out spoiler images.

    Change all the images

  • 3. Replaces spoiler clips.

    Change all the videos

From the site: So next time your Facebook friend Tamara feels like sharing her opinion about a certain blond-brown tall-short girl-guy losing a whatchammacallit in the battle of that place, you’ll just see her talking about Monica’s fat dance with the Holiday Armadillo at Central Perk.

Friends of Thrones is still in beta right now—the functionality is rather basic, and sometimes that doesn’t even work. But like a three-eyed raven, the folks behind Friends of Thrones are watching out for your best interests. This plugin could well prevent war.

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