Friends With You Virtual Reality Experience Lets You Play With a Friendly Ghost

Creative common workspace WeWork in Miami hosted FriendsWithYou’s latest and greatest Art Basel creation. The crew do something beautiful and colorful here every year, but I think that this experience so far was my favorite.

Called “Light Spirit,” the VR experience “takes place” in a rainbow-lit “room” (which, when you take the goggles off, is just an average side office room with all the furniture removed). Inside this room lives a little ghost. In your hand you hold a wand–this is starting to sound weird now I try and explain it–which you use to interact with the ghost, which was kind of like a giggling, laughing little non-verbal animal.

Now and then the whole room would change completely to a different color scheme, or to make it feel like I was floating in space. I can’t wait to be able to buy this stuff and play with it more. Check out our guide to headsets and how virtual reality is going to change your life (including Dew’s groundbreaking forays into action-sports VR), in our special feature Welcome To The Matrix

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