G-Shock Went on a Global Expedition to Prove How Awesome Their Latest Watch Is

Casio G-Shock recently teamed with esteemed photographer and filmmaker Klaus Thymann for an adventurous project to celebrate the unveiling of the watch brand’s most recent timepiece, the GPW 1000.

Thymann and his team ventured on a 24-day expedition through Mexico, New Zealand, and the Congo, documenting their experiences with images and video. Throughout the trip, Thymann snapped breathtaking shots that aim to demonstrated two of the watch’s focal capabilities.

The goal was to not only illustrate the watch’s accurate timekeeping through various geographic locations, but also to showcase its ability to maintain reliability in extreme environmental conditions. To do so, the photographer captured precisely timed dives into underwater caves in Mexico, documented glacial passage over time in New Zealand, and shot natural landscape in some of The Congo’s most remote areas.

Thymann and G-Shock then compiled the captures into “Timezone”, a private gallery showing in New York's The Supermarket.

At the core of the GPW 1000 exists a patented hybrid system, which allows users to receive radio wave signals from six stations around the world. Combined with embedded GPS technology, the watch guarantees a precise time read from any coordinate across the globe.

The design also features a new “shadow dispersing” solar panel, which is substantially smaller than previous analog watch offerings from G-Shock. Contributing to the timepiece’s high-performance durability is a fine resin frame, a forged metal bezel with a diamond-like carbon coating, and non-reflective sapphire crystal.

The GPW 1000 retails for $950 and can be purchased from G-Shock’s NYC store in SoHo or via their online shop.

Images via Casio

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