Actual Genius Rick Rubin Just Annotated a Bunch of Stuff on Genius

Prolific producer Rick Rubin just stepped in with some annotations for lyrical content site Genius.

The website has been trying to find its footing and make a comeback after an unfortunate incident in which they were busted by Google for attempting to game the results of the search engine's front page.

Luckily, the site's founders recently received a large investment from new backers, and once again the company is hoping to take over the internet with their unique model and "annotate the world."

With one of music's most respected producers joining the discussion and adding interesting and insightful annotations, Rubin may be just what Genius needs to gain back their credibility within the music community.

Some of the annotations he brings to Genius include his opinion of D’Angelo’s Voodoo, admitting that he doesn’t think there’s an album he has liked more in the last 15 years; stories about going to Danceteria with the Beastie Boys every night and “trying to make each other laugh with lines and writing them down,” and the speed and shifts that accommodate working with Kanye, including that it gave him “anxiety” at first, but that he eventually learned to accept it.

One of the more interesting revelations is that Rubin, one of the pioneers of the genre, has never listened to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. “I guess I never liked smooth?” he says. His reasoning, he says, is a preference for "breakbeats and b-boy style drum machines.”

Check out Rubin's verified Genius account to see all the producer's behind-the-scene stories (like how Jay-Z wrote the first verse of "99 Problems" in just 20 minutes), his album and track recommendations, and more anecdotes from one of hip-hop's best producers, if not the best.

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