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Digging Through the Greats: Geo

Each week, Green Label invites a visionary photographer, filmmaker, designer or artist to dig through their folios and tell the story of their favorite works. This is: Geo.

The term "graphic designer" has become almost distasteful and commercialized over the last few years. But everyone has the right to become what they want.  My title is "I make cool [stuff]." I'm not just in one area doing one thing; I always have at least 10 projects going at any one time.

I’ve always had an element of design within me, somewhere in the back of mind. When I was in primary school, I created my first digital print t-shirt. I always knew that was what I wanted to do, but over the last five years, I've been digging deeper and expressing my take on how things should be produced.

Everyone around me at this point is a blessing. I just came back from Paris and Tokyo, where I linked up with a lot of people, and I can see those relationships lasting a long time. When I’m on the same wave as someone it’s all organic. The way I've met people, had discussions, and had arguments… it’s all part of this life cycle. It’s amazing.

Everyday is for self-improvement. I try to evolve every day by any means. I’ve learned how to look on a bigger scale at a smaller picture, and how to create in large volumes without compromising the design.

A free-thinking imprint allows you give no cares, but at the same time, creating something people can't deny is great in its own right. I want to set a standard of 'how did he do it? How do I create what he did?’ just to transcend this barrier of so-called normalism.

Images: Geo

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