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Give The Bassist Some: 10 of The Most Influential Bass Players Ever

Everyone knows the lead singer and the lead guitarist. How could you miss them? They’re the guys with the giant spotlight on them, and even the drummer usually gets his moment of glory. After all, James Brown dedicated an entire song to declaring that we need to “Give the Drummer Some.” Then there’s the lonely life of the bassist. It’s a largely thankless spot in a band, relegated to the side of the stage, doing the hard work of giving a song its foundation with very little praise.

What would some of your favorite songs be without that killer bassline, though? Isn’t it about time the men and women slapping those four strings got their just due? From the Motown era to the new school, from rock to funk, and every genre in between, you can’t call yourself a serious music lover if you don’t know these 10 groundbreaking bassists.

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