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Bernard Edwards

Close your eyes and you can probably hear "Good Times" in your head, and the same goes for "We Are Family." If you've ever been to any wedding, you've heard both songs countless times. It’s the bassline that truly make those songs classic dance hits, and it’s Bernard Edwards you have to thank.

As the bass player for seminal funk/disco band Le Chic, Edwards laid down more funk in one year than most other players did in a lifetime, and his contributions to music don't end with just that band, or even the notes he directly laid down. His bassline on "Good Times" became the basis of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight," the first hit rap song ever, and his music has since been sampled by hip-hop producers countless times, most notably on Biggie's "Mo Money Mo Problems." To really spread some icing on the cake, his son is Bernard "Focus..." Edwards, Jr., who has produced for everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Busta Rhymes. When you can create a basslineage that extends exponentially beyond your own work, you know you've made an impact. Bernard Edwards made that impact.

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