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Bootsy Collins

Like Flea, Bootsy Collins was never exactly shy about stepping into the spotlight, but not even Flea would have been comfortable with the amount of flash Bootsy displayed on a nightly basis. Outlandish wouldn't even begin to describe the man's fashion choices, and that goes double for his performances. While much of the attention on Bootsy is understandably focused on his custom bedazzled jumpsuits, the man is also an extraordinary bass player. Starting with his work on many of James Brown's best songs, from "Get Up" to "Super Bad" to "Soul Power," and moving onto his best-known work as a part of Parliament Funkadelic, Collins became the absolute gold standard when it comes to laying down a funky bassline. Bass players will come and go, but there always has been, and always will be, only one Bootsy Collins. Salute.

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