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Jared Followill

Count one more for the new generation. The Kings of Leon have established themselves as one of rock’s most acclaimed and successful new bands with multiple number ones under their belts and six full albums to their credit. While his brother and lead singer Anthony Followill grabbed the microphone and along with it the bulk of the name recognition, which is a familiar theme in these bass stories, it is Jared who has been a driving force behind much of the band’s success. Take a closer listen to the band’s recent hit single “Temple” and you’ll hear just how essential the bass is. It doesn’t just keep time or fill the spaces in between guitar riffs. It absolutely propels the song. He may not have the historical resume of a McCartney or Waters, but who does? When it comes to young bass players not only carrying on the craft of the instrument, but also making their own contributions, Followill belongs in any conversation about modern bassists.

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