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OG Maco, “U Guessed It”

“U Guessed It” was one of the landmark videos because of how viral it went. It was very unplanned; we shot it at Trillectro last year, where we were also shooting the “Four Seasons” video for Rome Fortune. He was originally going to have Makonnen come and perform with him, but this was around the time Makonnen was getting courted by OVO, so he couldn’t make it, and Maco came with. On the way down, Rome’s manager played us [Goldrush] “U Guessed It” and we had to do a video for it.

We shot with Rome all day, and at 3 in the morning, we ran around the hotel and shot the video for “U Guessed It.” We shot the whole thing that Saturday night, I cut it in a couple days and we released that week. I think Maco signed to QC a week after we shot the video.

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