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Tunji Ige, “For Us,” “Slow Dance,” & “Ball is Life”

Tunji’s an artist who I’ve known since he was 16 or so; he was there for the beginning of BRAINBANDITS. The “For Us” video is modeled after French New Wave and a bunch of different influences, and is meant to touch on identity as a rapper / black teen. “Slow Dance” is built around the typical formula for a rap video, but I’ve taken out all of the context. You can’t tell what city they're in, you don’t see anybody’s faces, and you can’t tell what the era is. So it's creating this surreal visual world around the song.

For his videos, at least for everything on The Love Project, I would take Tunji and put him into a bunch of contexts that were different from his previous videos and also from what was expected. I never wanted to put him into a rapping-in-front-of-a-camera environment. I wanted to create messages that will last with him as an artist.

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