The Crailtap x GLX Collection is Out Now And It’s Fire

The GLX Crail Camera Crew line of decks and tees is now available from our friends at Crailtap, featuring photographs from iconic photographers Ben Colen, Jerry Hsu, Aaron Meza, Andy Mueller, Sam Smyth, and Eric Anthony.

Unlike most skate-photography exhibitions, the guys were challenged to pick their favorite photos that didn't feature actual skateboarding. The result is that each photo has a story, like Mike Carroll spraying himself in the face with sunscreen, shot by Ben Colen (which made it onto a deck).

"I've always been a fan of the people that don't just shoot the tricks, but shoot what's happening around it," says Colen.

Pick up your limited edition GLX Crail Camera Crew tee or deck at Crailtap.

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