God vs. Kanye West: Tale Of The Tape

The BBC recently hinted at the idea that Kanye West was considering naming his next album I Am God. And while there is almost chance in hell that Mr. West’s next album will be called that, we wondered how the title would sit with the actual God (not to mention Wu-Tang’s U-God). So we put together this head-to-head comparison of Kanye West and God.




Creator of the universe


Recording artist, fashion designer

Yahweh, Adonai


Louis Vuitton Don, Yeezy

Jesus Christ


Yet-to-be-born child with Kim Kardashian

Flowing robes

Signature Look

Givenchy leather skirt


Art buddies

Takashi Murakami, George Condo


Facial accesory

Maison Martin Margiela mask

The Bible

Author credit

Thank You and You’re Welcome

Inspiration for nickname Jay-Hovah

Jay-Z connection

Producer on The Blueprint album; collaborator on Watch The Throne

Part of being creator of the universe includes creating all of Swift’s boyfriends

Taylor Swift connection

Interrupted Swift’s speech at 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Is omnipotent

Power move

Recorded song titled “Power” on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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